Does work experience helps to get a real job in the future?

Last year a survey was carried through to see if Work Experience really does help to prepare a student for a real, paid, full time job.

What Is Work Experience?

Work Experience occurs in most schools when they are in Year 10. It is a way of preparing the student for skills necessary to get a job. Normally they are to call the employer themselves and use their verbal skills to attempt to get a placement. They should apply for a job that interests themselves as this specifically will be beneficial for them. It is a way for the student to understand what they need to do to do well in a job in their chosen field. All in all, a very good opportunity for any student.

What Were The Results Found From The Survey?


The survey concluded that two thirds (2/3) of employers looking for graduates, check to see if they have relevant work experience in the field that they applied for firstly. This is because what they already know can already have helped them with key knowledge, that someone without work experience would not know. This leaves the one third (1/3) of employers to say that the applicants did not have, even a satisfactory level of knowledge about their chosen career or job. This shows that students who do work experience, relevant to their future job, do actually have a better chance at getting the placement than someone who didn’t do relevant work experience.