Every year on the 31 December just before midnight there is the excitement of a brand new year. From every single country around the world they are celebrating in their own very special way. From Dubai to London with all the colours and patterns.

 This year as always the New Year celebration happened near our iconic landmarks the Big Ben and London Eye. Everyone who could, came to see the view with their own eyes and just a few seconds before midnight everyone comes together says three, two, one Happy New Year. Then fireworks with each individual pattern appears and brings joy to everyone no matter if you are there or watching tv.

For those who just watch it from the tv still have a nice time sitting next to those you love or enjoying it by yourself it still brings wonder for how the new year begins and what is different and of cource what everyone has, a brand new or the same as the year before New Years resolution. Which could be funny or smart or weird but everybody makes one and for everyone no matter how old you are still brings magic.

For me the New Year is about watching over the past year with photos I took or talking about it with my friends and family. It’s a wonderful experience to see how in one second everything changes and you are suddenly in a brand new year with a fresh start. 

Happy New Year