From 16 November 2017 till the 8 February 2018 there is a exhibition in the natural portrait gallery. It is the leading international competition to show of the best contemporary photos of portraits from all around the world. 

The showcase explores traditional and contemporary approaches to capture a range of character and locations whilst doing portraits. The exhibition shows of 59 art works which started off as a selection of over 5000 submissions. It features all the prestigious prize winner and to top it off the real winner receive a substantial prize of £15,000. 

I was fortune enough to go visit the showcase and it was amazing. The amount of time and effort that went into the photo are wonderful. The winner of the showcase was César Dezfull. He took a photo of Amadou Sumaila, a refugee who escaped a war happening in his country. I was shocked by all the emotion going into the picture and the way Amadou looked was  astonishing. 

For the third year of this exhibition the main aim was features In Focus display that showcases an unique approach to portraiture by a contemporary photographer. There are famous photographers including the award-winning American photographer Todd Hido. 

If anyone wished to be a photographer by entering the showcase and winning it would be very easy for people to want you to be their photographer as it is an honour to win such a international prize case. 

I definitely recommend going as it is such a good chance to see this.