As the snow fell at ark Burlington Danes academy today. It marked the beginning of the festive season. As Mr Whittle, one of your school finest history teachers’ ‘Christmas at Burlington Danes Academy represents the students, charities works, and the house competitions.’

Christmas is celebrated at my school through assemblies, events and helping the local charities. The Christmas hampers are one of my favourite Christmas school activities along with the annual winter concert.

The Christmas hampers truly showcase’s the best of Burlington Danes. The great giving nature of people always shows at Christmas.

The school’s Christmas hamper competition is a great charity event were we donated varies food packages full of food, toothpaste, shower gel and personal items people usually take for granted. This is one of best ways to give back to the local community in White City.

My other favourite Christmas events are the winter concert when the children at my school coming together to showcase talent through Christmas carols and hymns and celebrate the birth of Jesus.