The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show was opened from Thursday 26 October 2017 12pm-7pm, Friday 27 October 2017 11am-10pm, Saturday 28 October 2017 10am-8pm, Sunday 29 October 2017 10am-5pm. This event was see by hundreds at Battersea Park in Chelsea. One of my friends went there. She told me " I had such a great time there. I had never seen something like that before. There was many performers doing some really stunts and they had all different types of stuff in different stalls. The one place I loved the most was ice skating even though I fell a couple of times it was great, there was amazing food there and the entertainment was wonderful ." At the show there was different people showing of their amazing skills. What was more impressive was the fact of the range of different ages on of the snowboarders looked about under the age of 16 which was fascinating. It was very big and there was so much to do. The amount of this the performers could do was very good and even though some may have fallen they always got back up which was nice to see. The ski and snow show normally happens around this time every year and loads of people go with there family and friends, as it is a rare opportunity as there are barely any place to go skiing or snowboarding or even to watch these sorts of things. Can't wait for next year!