While most days had taken a grey and grizzly turn, as well as the sky, the sun had a deep red tint as it shone into the sky.  Lasting only a few hours on the 16th October 2017
Late Monday afternoon Londoners gazed at the unusual orange tinted sky. Most were almost starstruck to look upon such a unique sky backdrop, it was no difference within the walls of Burlington Danes as students exclaimed in excitement. Comments ranged from "is the world ending?" to " Mars we're living on Mars!" other ridiculous comments strewed out into classrooms as teachers attempted to calm students down.But the question was what had caused such a spectacular change in nature?
Hurricane Ophelia, similar to the name of Shakspere's character in Hamlet gave it's own 'mournful' song as it cooperated to the strange red hue of the sky, rating at a category 3 hurricane has caused many problems for other countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, and Russia as well as the Uk. The storm is believed to have picked up dust from North Africa and debris from forest fires in Spain and Portugal as it travelled towards the UK. The storm has the possibility of gathering dust from the northern areas of Africa and debris from forest fires occurring in Spain and Portugal before arriving in the UK.  Most are certain this red tint of the sky was caused by the dust from the Sahara Desert.
What do you believe was happening?