All through the year, we see young Londoners commuting to and from work and school. But where has anyone had the time to relax in the bustling city of London? A Prudential Ridelondon was created by the previous Mayor of London and his agencies back in 2013, partnered up with London Marathon Events Limited and SweetSpot Group Limited. This event has been used as a tactic to get the city into cycling safely on the road. 
But who really has the time for it? During Summer holidays parents may be desperate to get their kids out of the house. This opportunity offers all ages to see London a quick and healthy way. What's better than spending all day in the sunshine.?
This year a  Prudential Ridelondon had tens of thousands of cyclist young and old participating in a fun activity. Only a few hours in this spectacular family event where anyone can sign up online bring their bike to the chosen location. But why do it? most of the street is filled with cars and vans but this journey gives the chance to have an active and sporty day.
One student said to have gained "the experience of cycling on the road along with other experienced cyclists" continuing to say "anyone at any age can take part, a social event where you can meet new people in an exciting atmosphere"  
So there is nothing better than heading out and signing up for next years Ridelondon, get ready and bike.