How are co2 emissions being reduced in the UK? (Through transport)


London is an extremely overpopulated city. This not only causes house prices to increase but also means there is greater demand for other objects. These objects have to go through many processes to be made in the first place. These processes often cause large amounts of Carbon Dioxide to be produced and released into the air. One of them being cars and methods of transport. This Carbon Dioxide emitted by these cars is damaging the ozone layer which many people do not understand happens.

Petrol cars are less efficient than diesel engines. This means that combustion does not occur as efficiently and so the produce is carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. But this is only a minimal difference. The real problem comes from long haul flights. These release 325 grams per person every kilometre! In comparison to only 55 grams per person every kilometre in a medium sized petrol car. From 1970 – 2013 the United Kingdom are the 8th biggest co2 emitters in the world. To put that into perspective there are 195 countries in the world. The United Kingdom were the 17th biggest co2 emitter in 2015  and the biggest being China. But China’s population is 1.3 billion and the United Kingdoms’ is 65.64 million. This shows that, on average, each person in China emits 12.21kt. And each person in the United Kingdom emits a huge 163.1kt. But this isn’t 100% accurate.

Many people say that they ‘regularly leave the city, and go somewhere more rural where the air smells more fresh.’ This is also why many cyclists wear masks over their faces, so they do not inhale harmful chemicals and carbon monoxide.

So what is being done to stop this? Well the Transport For London has issued a ‘Low Emission Zones’ where you are charged if your vehicle does not comply to emission standards. They claim this will ‘encourage the most polluting heavy diesel vehicles driving in London to become cleaner.’

Electronic cars are a new way to put this to an end. They run purely on electricity and emit as much co2 as a bicycle. They are the new revolution to put co2 emissions to a stop. This will stop the damaging of the ozone layer and will make, not only London, but the world a healthier place.

Rayan Khan,

Burlington Danes Academy.