Threats, they are common in today’s world. Many people make threats to each other. There are informal and formal, hazardous and non-hazardous. An example of a threat taken very seriously are bomb threats at airports. Now what if this was not just a bomb threat but even bigger, bigger than the lives of 200 people on a plane. What if this threatened the safety of the second biggest airport in the world. Heathrow.

 On the 29th of October 2017 a man in West London handed in a USB stick he had found on the pavement. The Sunday mirror say that the USB stick had 76 folders. Some were about matters, of which are of less importance, yet some were of major distinction. It has been reported that this USB contained details that are used today to protect our own majesty, The Queen.

On the USB stick there was also some security plans about Heathrow. Heathrow has reviewed their ‘security plans’ and has come to a conclusion that they are ‘confident’ that the airport is secure. “We have also launched an internal investigation to understand how this happened and are taking steps to prevent a similar occurrence in future,” it said. Some of these files were marked as “confidential” or “restricted”, yet they could still be read. Disclosed in files were types of ID used to gain access to restricted areas.

Rayan Khan.

Burlington Danes Academy.