The Ireland storm on Monday 16 October swept my Ark Burlington Academy in a red fog like most of the local in white city.This was honestly one of the first time that most people in my school have probably had to think about those in Ireland.

I guess because we live so far away from it we haven't thought about what those people in Ireland had been going through. Exam season was ahead and lots of people were revising think about there lives and there futures.

That it may have slipped there minds that people in places not that far away from Ireland as someplace like Australia but there are problems did seem to affect us enough to pay attention.

But on a much more lighthearted note that school day was one the funniest. That was one of the best geography lessons I think I at had all term. We were talking about the weather once again.

Someone sitting close the window suddenly shouted: "madam the sky is red" immediately the class turned around and the class burst end into conversations talking about how the world was ending and "the walking dead".

Those before this day we might not have thought about Ireland. The Scarlet storm affected us in ways I doubt most adults would understand but we do care about others.