On Saturday 7 October an terifying incident had happened at Exhibition Road, South Kensington, Natrual History Museum, at about 2:20pm, a black Toyota Prius have mounted over 11 people causing injuries. The public was terrified as recent events involving terrorism. However the police have confirmed that it was just an car accident. Even thought it sparked a major security alert at first.

One of our insider was there to witness the events after it had just happened " When we got there the atmosphere was just full of worry, I actually had no idea of what happened. My friends and I was so scared as we thought of the worst like a terrorist attack. Thank god things weren’t worse though. There was many police officers so I felt safe my self but it was very scary." 

As the police take these matters very seriously, the incident provoked a significant response from the police as dozens of armed officers flooded the area and a 200-metre cordon was created around the scene just to make the public aware they took things under control. 

Police said the incident was a road traffic investigation and not a terrorist-related incident. They have cleared it all over the news that night. 

Many politicians showed their  appreciation including Jeremy Corbyn "Very concerning reports from outside the Natural History Museum. My thoughts are with those injured and our thanks to the emergency services." 

No report has been made since and everyone injured is now fine and the accident has been made as a traffic accident.