Just outside the city of Oslo, Norway, there is a forest with 1000 trees planted. They will be turned into 100 books in a century time.

The Future Library project started on 2014, and will continue until 2114.

Every year over the century, a fiction or poems or other forms of books written by a renowned, chosen author will be handed in.

These books are kept in the Deichman Library (Oslo public library) and will not be published until 2114.

When the time comes, the trees planted in the Nordmarka, a forest near Oslo will be used to print a special edition of all these books.

The project is a collaboration between artists; between past, present and future; a representation of hope. 

How did the Normarka forest become part of the project?

A Hundred years agreement was signed in May 2022 between the the Norway government and members of the project, to secure the forest’s future and so that the forest would be under the control of the project.

The trees fallen down in the forest for new planted ones, were used to build the silent room.

The Silent Room is a room carefully built and crafted in the Deichman Library, opened 12th June 2022.

The manuscript unpublished will be kept here in the 100 years time. It is open to public for free, which is definitely worth going.

The artist behind the project, Katie Peterson, is a visual artist who has great awareness of the world, nature and community.

For example, she has broadcasted the sound of a melting glacier live.

She has won the South Bank Sky Award 2014, Honorary Fellow of the University of Edinburgh and others.