Boris Johnson has highlighted a steadfast roadmap to aid us in the navigation out of a global pandemic that has the UK harder than any European country. While he remains certain in his promise that there will be no more national lockdowns, does this necessarily mean we are safe from another outbreak?

Resident of Ashford, Tina Naregal, shares her views. 'While I'm delighted everytime we hit another date where we can continue to ease out of restrictions and slowly adopt our old ways of life again, I am anxious, as a student and as a young person, that we have not seen the end of the pandemic. Going to school and meeting friends, or even going out to lunch seems so unreal after being in such a rigorous lockdown for so long, I just can't help but think it's all a little unsafe." 

If you share these views, you are certainly not alone, some people have even resorted to safeguarding and even entering a quarantine period on their own accord, just to be extra safe.

However, many people are also eager to get back into the world, residents like Sameena Patel in Hampton share their avidity to finally lead a normal life again. "The whole family is on countdown to June 21'st! The possibility of just eating inside a restaurant again or even booking an international flight seems. so surreal, everything that was once so normal seems like an utter privilege, and I am just so excited to get those privileges back again!"

Amongst the successful vaccine rollout, it seems that Sameena's dream just might become a reality. And while schools have been open for quite some time, the mingling of school children does not seem to be a hindrance to the proposed covid climate, as rates of infection and hospitalizations continue to decrease. 

Remain positive and optimistic about our future, we may just be on our way back to a normal life!