In case our generation has not been querulous enough, just to make it clear, we are doing exams right now. In case a grand total of seven months of lockdown was not sufficient enough, we were greeted with a gruelling set -- or rather, sets -- of exams. Anyways, rant over. That is not the point of this article. 


The other day, I was embarking on another insipid revision session when my alarm alerted me that it was time to take a five minute break. How generous - being rewarded by an online timer. Now, I think that I am not the only one, or at least hope that I am not the only one, who felt their pre-existing shopping obsession awake from dormancy. Fashion has endured a lot. Personally, I am more of a preppy dresser, but even I, occasionally, fell victim to the highly lionised sweatpants. The retail tracking company Edited, sellouts on sweatpants were up seventy nine percent at mass-marked United States retailers from February to April of last year.  I mean, although I am not the most fervent fan of sweatpants, anything is better than those biker shorts which dominated the fashion scene in the previous year. A good riddance to those! Whether it was due to seeking a more comfortable alternative or the indolent person’s dream of Zoom and its coverage, it seems that even the highest names in the fashion industry have got bored of seeing sweatpants after sweatpants! All I can see when I close my eyes is those insolent sweatpants; an unwelcome reminder of the fraught lockdown. British Vogue is even denouncing the lucrative sweatpants, pleading with us to turn to the classic fashion statements, including articles on Five Outfit Ideas To Inspire Your “First Freedom Looks” and Twenty Eight Joyous Accessories To “Elevate Your Post-Lockdown Look”. 


However, the fleeting nature of fashion draws attention to its versatility. Riding the waves of trends; we are invited to ponder what fashion truly is? A constant? Or, rather, a concept? However, looking at the pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding, the Duchess’ dress was a pleasant reminder of the Audrey Hepburn-esque timeless and classic style which persists to this day.