During the pandemic, small businesses have become an essential part of many people’s lives. From miniature handmade trinkets or drawings to larger scale paintings and art commissions, the time spent indoors was beneficial to their success.

These businesses often benefit from social media such as Tiktok and Instagram, which provide a platform for them to share their work, experience, pricing, and knowledge. Due to the huge numbers of users on these platforms, you can often find these viral videos on your “explore page” or “for you page”. This is especially great, not only due to the decline in jobs and need to work from home, but because they can reap the benefits from a wider and more flexible audience.

Examples of these popular businesses can be:

  • Phone Case Design
  • Graphic + Sticker Design
  • Makeup Creation
  • Fashion Creation + Commission
  • Art + Digital drawings

An especially popular type of business is the ever-increasing desserts sector – with breakable chocolate hearts, chocolate covered strawberries and handcrafted edible pieces available, what is there not to like? 

Although these businesses have been a great success, the slow return to normal life before the pandemic could negatively affect them – some running exclusively online could even be rendered seemingly useless to the public, with shops opening, these pieces seem less out of reach from the general public, as they can be purchased from any large corporation. However, there is nothing better than receiving a handcrafted gift, wrapped with love + care by a small business.