Over the past few months, Little Moons have caught the attention of the public. They are unique, ‘mochi’ balls which are filled with artisan gelato of many different flavours, such as coconut, pistachio and passion fruit. They have risen to fame because of their fame on the popular social media app ‘TikTok’, with many creators encouraging fans to take part in challenges, where they pick their favourite flavour. 


By January this year, the innovative ice cream balls had gone viral, with Little Moon’s sails soaring by 2000%, showing the drastic impact social media entwined with advertising can propel a product into success. 


Responses to Little Moons have been nothing but positive (apart from the few that experienced an allergic reaction to the nuts). One reviewer said ‘not to be dramatic but I need to try these Little Moons’, showing the absolute craving that Little Moons have caused.


Perhaps the most surprising facts about Little Moons is that they have been around for over a decade (established 2010) but like every other spontaneous craze, the brand only launched into popularity this year, after being propelled on various social media networks, such as Snapchat and Instagram. 


Currently, most supermarkets sell them, but they are usually sold out, except from the occasional luck down the ice cream isle in Waitrose, which I discovered last week. I have to agree with the majority of consumers that they honestly are worth a try, despite their expensive pricing of four to five pounds.


Although this craze has maintained throughout the past four months, it would be interesting to see if Little Moon’s rising fame will last, or if it is just another passing phase.