In the most recent decades, Muslims have become a target of discrimination worldwide. Some countries have gone as far as making laws against practices of the religion. As it is currently the ‘holy month’ (Ramadan) for those of the religion, this topic is more suitable than ever to spread awareness of, especially since there is a lack of coverage on it across other media bases.

A law was passed in France earlier this month, to ban the wearing of hijabs (the material which can be used to cover a Muslim woman’s hair) for under 18s. Any adults accompanying a child to school shall not wear a hijab either. Some claim the reasoning behind such decisions is that the hijab ‘oppresses women’, however in most cases that is not true. Wearing the hijab is a choice to all women, and if chosen to be worn, the Hijab can be used for protection against the prying eyes of society. It is a symbol of dedication towards the religion, and many say they find wearing it to be ‘liberating’. However, taking away the choice of wearing it goes against everything we have all been fighting for. It steals a woman’s freedoms. You are ‘freeing’ young women by taking away their options. Listen to yourself, the idea itself is contradicting. There is no logic that can support the actions of France.

Other extremely Islamophobic events that are currently taking place are the Muslim concentration camps in China. Muslims are being dragged into the camps and forced to defy their religion. They are force fed pork, made to drink alcohol, and prohibited to practice festivals such as Ramadan. Not only this but they are being severely tortured.  Women are being stripped naked and beaten by men. Prisoners are being electrocuted and drowned, not at the intention of killing them, even though it may happen, but only to make them scream from pain. Those are only a few examples of some of the torture methods being used to try and brainwash Muslims.

The Chinese government named these camps ‘Xinjiang Vocational Educational and Training Centres’ or ‘Xinjiang re-education camps’, disguising the disgusting truth. They are made to sound like beneficial sites, but instead are places of cruelty. The Chinese Communist Party helped the Chinese Government build these camps. They label themselves as communists yet are not treating people with equal humanity. From hearing survivors talk of experiences and seeing documents, that are being sent to the camps, you can see similarities between these camps and the Holocaust. This is a genocide, that is being overlooked and covered up by so many. We cannot stand for this. We are at an age where equality is something we all strive for, so the blatant killing of a minority group should not be ignored.

Muslims face so many Islamophobic incidents and it is painful to watch. Spread awareness of these horrible events and educate yourself of the religion. Help those in need. We cannot continue to overlook this. It has gone on for too long, people are suffering and dying everyday because we choose to be ignorant. Take matters into your own hands, since the media has chooses to not shine the necessary light on these acts.