Clash of clans is a free to play, city-building and strategy, mobile game which was released by the Finnish Company, Supercell, in 2012. The concept is fairly simple: upgrade your base and attack others to gain riches and eventually compete at the highest level in a clan among your clanmates. Throughout this article the game’s past over the past few years, and present will be discussed, and what's more, the future of Clash of Clans will also be mentioned. 

In a city-building game there tends to be a core centre piece - for clash of clans this is the town hall. Upon release only eight levels were available for the town hall however in 2013, 14 and 15 we received levels nine, ten and eleven respectively. However since 2015 any post updates had lacked the major content level of a new town hall. In June 2018 we received the twelfth town hall with an electrifying theme and a new twist - the first weaponized town hall. This was a major update for the game and recently that has followed with Town Hall 13 in the winter of 2019 and the most recent update has been the Town Hall 14 release mere weeks ago. 

Other important updates to note are the clan games and clan war leagues which provided a whole new dynamic for clans, season challenges which improved progression massively, and end-game content such as Super troops and the very recent addition of Hero Pets. So what is next for Clash of Clans? The second village, the builder base, hasn’t received a major content update for almost 2 years, so that is always a possibility to come. 

In addition we can expect a bunch of surprises from the supercell team, judging from previous behaviour they always release the summer update in late June so we can expect sneak peaks in mid-june, less than two months away. Thank you for reading this article and I hope you’ve found this enjoyable and useful.