Prankster. Youtuber. Politician.

Niko Omilana is running for mayor of London.

I’ve watched him for a long time, but I never could’ve imagined this.


He is actually might be serious candidate. Recently, he polled at 5%, 5th in voting- only 1% behind the greens and 3% behind the Liberal Democrats. When it comes to young people only the current mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is polling better. 


Niko’s manifesto includes mixes a variety of some serious and some more humorous statements.

He pledges to ban Prince Andrew from a four mile radius of any school

To replace stop and search with stop and serve

To make Big Ben,  Big Ben Clock

and to make Boris Johnson to Shush, and many, many more.


There is likely  no way that niko wins this election, but the fact that he may end up having a small impact on the race is a wondrous, but perhaps a slightly concerning occurrence- is politics becoming a joke? Or has it always been?