The European Super League (ESL) was a new football league set up to hold the best teams in the world. However, there became many issues with this new league which the founders quickly found out about. The league was supposed to consist of twelve teams of which six where from England, three from Spain and three from Italy. This new league was set up to bring together the best teams in the world and give fans great football week in week out. The teams were very eager to join as not only would they be giving fans great football they where also getting paid lots to join, some reports saying in excess of three billion pounds. 


 However, this was not to be as smooth running as thought to be as many issues occurred. One of the main problems was that the ESL was separate to FIFA which currently runs all of football in the world. As the new competition for FIFA could have been potentially very severe, they decided to create many stipulations for the teams and players that were going to compete in this league. The stipulations consisted of the teams being kicked out of the Champions League (one of the biggest football competitions in the world) and even the ban of players from the FIFA world cup. This could have been very bad for not only the players involved but also FIFA as they would have lost lots of the best players and this may have caused views to fall significantly.


Though it was not the rules implemented that caused the clubs to back out of the ESL, but it was the fans. Fans of all English teams heading to the ESL gathered in their numbers to show their true disgust in the fact that their club is willing to lose the support of fans at away games that would be held in other countries just for the money. Ex professional footballers voiced their opinions on social media while the fans held COVID controlled protests outside the grounds. This all lead to the teams backing out of the ESL and the end of another crazy chapter in Football history.