The 17th of May is when the Government determines whether or not we will be able to travel abroad. Regardless, for those who are reluctant to consider travelling this summer, whether due to not being able to comply with any Covid passport requirements, affordability issues, or purely due to feeling uncomfortable with the thought, here are some ideas for creating a fabulous few weeks during the summer holidays, whether it be spending time with friends, or the unplanned days, lounging in the sun, helping with activities parents may then reciprocate with a nice treat.


The first step to a successful holiday is planning well in advance to avoid large queues, activities which are fully booked or overpriced for leaving things too late.


Here I have outlined some money making, or raising ideas for parents to consider sharing with their children:


We’re all familiar with car washing, but especially during the summer it can be quite a fun activity and maybe even venture to bikes and scooters (and if seen on your street you’ll be filled with requests). Or if your child is more of an indoor person, maybe they could guide grandparents, or parents, even, how to utilise gadgets with slightly more ease (it may be as simple as turning the volume up, or connecting them to the Wifi!), or showing them the way around applications such as zoom or Microsoft teams. I’m sure they’ll return the favour with heaps of gratitude! My mother said: ‘I would be more than happy to contribute towards an ice-cream following a visit to the museum in exchange for my car washed, and a refresher course in French for our next trip to a French restaurant in London this summer!’  


As we’ll be able to migrate from outdoors with six people to in our homes, some fun events (maybe turned into charity ones) could be putting out baking skills picked up over the lockdowns to the test, and have a mini Great British Bake off! I’m sure everyone will be glad to taste a new dish at each house. Moreover, another great thing with friends would be to stay active and maybe have some dance offs or teach each other new sports such as tennis, or other ball games, at the local park. A book club online and offline could be a nice weekly activity and visiting places referred to in books could make themes easier to agree on?


If your activity choices are  slightly more group centred, supporting a local charity with some donations from these competitions or lessons, would definitely be received well, especially due to the rather turbulent year we've had.


As children have used  “remote learning  skills” so often this year, they could all easily search online and book slots at the local museums such as the Science Museum, Natural History, V & A and National Gallery on those wetter days. Plays in outdoor theatres, such as Regents Park and The Globe, along with a trip to view  the city from the Top floor of the “Tate”  is something I have missed doing over the months. The Sky Garden is another great place to visit, especially when the sun is about to set!


For those who can't make it to the beach abroad, the paddling pool with a “coke float” or Fizzy lemonade with a slice of Orange, your sun hat and swimming goggles may get you in the summer mood…


Lastly, I would suggest thinking of ideas to make the summer wonderful, whether this includes being able to travel abroad or not, as after all, as children usually have six weeks holiday, and I am sure everyone will want the chance the make the most of it, this year of all years.


By Ambar Madhok