There are many businesses opening up after the most recent lockdown, but some are brave enough to open in these troubling times, hoping to drum up money from interaction-starved customers. One of these shops are The Desserts Factory, a new dessert shop in Wembley. 

Despite only being open for a few weeks, The Desserts Factory is already receiving five star ratings and positive reviews, showing promise for the future. The service is amazing and the food is definitely recommended for sweet-toothed people out there craving for some new food. 

The owner, Kashif Awan, is still at the start of his entrepreneurial journey. Very much the optimist, he doesn’t see the challenges to success as barriers. He claims that his engineering background, management and other experiences, along with the people he has around him, has put him in a favourable position to succeed. 

However, with the threat of a third lockdown looming above our heads, does this put his business at risk?

“I like to think that I am a very positive person,” Kashif said, “and I believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. So even if a third lockdown was to happen, I would find the best possible way to still stay above the water and survive. Things always get better.”

The Desserts Factory is known for creating very tasty deserts through the combination of different ingredients, some of their specials known as ‘Crepremium’, ‘Wafforeo’ and ‘Your Dough’. New and unique products will also be brought out in the future, such as a ‘Conoffee’, better known as coffee in a cup, an idea that not even places like Creams have.

Despite all the competition The Desserts Factory has in the industry, this doesn’t seem to scare Kashif at all. 

“Social media being the giant it is today, it’s the way we will initially do our marketing. The ability to target certain groups and people on these platforms is what makes this favourable. Secondly, word of mouth is also very important, as once you try our desserts, you will want to tell everyone else. Other dessert places are good but we make sure that everything that we put in our desserts is at the highest quality, and the results are tremendous.

“People have come to us and told us that our desserts are better than those of other dessert places. The other thing that we bring is a bit of quirkiness. As the menu increases, you will see items which are different to what these other brands offer. We currently have the Berry Bang and a Wake Up Shake and more, which I have not seen in other places.”

With a variety of desserts, such as waffles, crepes, cookie doughs, milkshakes, cakes, gelatos and brownies, will The Desserts Factory be the next big place?