As we slowly come out of a national lockdown, the NHS continues to focus on vaccinating all those over the age of 40, and those with underlying health conditions, against Covid 19.  The vaccination team in South Southwark is trying to help overcome health inequalities and improve vaccination access for all of its residents.   This is vital not only to protect all those who are vulnerable, but also to create a covid free society, and reduce a possible third wave.

Recently the vaccination team, usually based at the Tessa Jowell Health Centre have been out and about in Peckham in a vaccination van.  You may have spotted them by Peckham Pulse.  The team of health care professionals have been answering any questions, queries and concerns residents may have about the vaccinations as well as offering the vaccine to eligible groups.

The team has also spent an afternoon at the Albrighton Community Fridge.  The community fridge based by the Dog Kennel Estate is used by households in the local area to provide food, at no charge, to those in need.  The vaccination team from the Tessa Jowell health centre invited users who were within the eligible groups, to walk in and have a covid vaccination if they hadn’t already been able to access one.  The team were accompanied by a Spanish speaker who managed to help many people who would have otherwise struggled to get the vaccine, vaccinated.

Speaking to a member of the vaccination team at Tessa Jowell Health Centre, they told me about their outreach experience. “It has been really uplifting to see members of our community access the vaccine.  It’s important that we continue to try and improve access for all of our residents, particularly those who are most vulnerable.”

The team have further plans to provide more outreach work over the next few weeks.  It has been a difficult year for everybody, however, we hope that these steps are leading to a brighter summer for everyone.