Due to Coronavirus, many shows have been cancelled by Netflix, including the hugely popular ‘The Society’.

The show tells a story closely related to ‘The Lord of the Flies’ where a group of teenagers are stranded in their town, left to survive without parents. The mystery mixed with romance and drama has created a huge and devoted fanbase.

After The Society’s release on May 10th 2019, the announcement to renew it for another season was issued that July. With an increased amount of time spent at home in the past year, many have turned to TV for comfort and entertainment. Season one left viewers on a cliffhanger, so they were left in despair after news of the cancellation.

A petition on Change.org was created, pleading for the show to renew on various other streaming platforms. It has reached over 110 000 signatures, but there has not yet been any mention from the producers of renewal.

At the time, viewers speculated the reasoning behind Netflix’s choice of show discontinuation. Arguably worse written shows, like Riverdale, were left recording yet another season, where The Society was cut off before it could take flight. Recent news of a show focused on The Hype House, a group of TikTok stars, has raised skepticism of Netflix’s contract selections.

Personally, I very much enjoyed watching The Society, due to its relation with real life issues and the gripping plot line. Should fans have more of a say over their favourite TV shows?