When I turned 10 years old, I joined my local Sea Scouts troop and from then, until the age of 14, went sailing during the summer term at the local Fairlop Waters. I left my scout group a few years ago, when I was too old to continue, but both of my brothers have subsequently joined and have both also enjoyed going to Fairlop Waters.

Last month, it suddenly came to light that Fairlop Waters was being unexpectedly closed by the council, as a result of Covid-19. This then prompted a huge response from many within the local community and a petition launched reached 10,000 signatures rapidly. Eventually, it was then announced that Fairlop would be shut temporarily for this year, and then reopened again next year, so that more people could enjoy it.

For me, this is a great example of how, when people come together, they can make a difference in their communities. During times like these, Covid-19 has prompted huge responses worldwide to help combat the pandemic and I think that one of the most memorable parts of the whole pandemic will be, how the world united.