Viral TikTok trend responsible for 700% sales boost for Japanese Mochi ice cream company 'Little Moons'.


Young people across the UK are eager to get their hands on a box of mochi ice cream by Little Moons. With the broad selection of flavours including Tropical Passionfruit and Mango, Honey-Roasted Pistachio, Creamy Coconut, Madagascar Vanilla, Italian Roasted Hazelnut, Yuzu Lemon, Himalayan Salted Caramel, Uji Matcha Green Tea, Summer Strawberries and Cream, Alphonso Mango, Summer Raspberry and Belgian Chocolate. These 12 delicious flavours are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and contain no gluten, artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives.

Over 280 million TikTok videos have been made under the hashtag 'little moons'. The sudden increase in demand has left some customers unable to find them in stock at their local supermarkets.  

I've been to my local Tesco about 3 times in the past month and it's always out of stock.

- Chanel Odame, 15, London

How is it made?

Little moons consist of a thin layer of mochi around a ball of artisan gelato. According to the official little moons website, Mochi is a rice flour dough that has been steamed and pounded to give it its distinctive soft and chewy texture. Many have compared its taste and texture to a marshmallow. 

The Japanese-inspired treat is found in 4 Major UK retailers to this date: 





They can also be found in the official pop-up store in Selfridges Food Hall.

The company, which was founded by the sibling duo Vivien and Howard Wong, celebrated their 10th anniversary nearly 4 months ago on 8 December 2020.


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