Nearly two weeks ago, six English Football Teams agreed to join a new European Super League. Some of footballs biggest teams being, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham were part of the plan to create a breakaway league, to go against the UEFA Champions League, which is the most important competition in football at the moment.

However, the fans did not agree causing an immense reaction in the football world. Many made it clear of their disapproval, including FIFA and UEFA wanting nothing to do with the scheme. Arsenal fans were extremely disappointed with this and gathered to protest against the club owners. More than 1,000 people attended outside the Emirates Stadium last Friday before the game against Everton. Most of the people there were calling for Kroenke to leave the club.

I spoke to 29-year-old Bradley Gregory, a dedicated fan who was at the Arsenal Protest and this is what he had to say. “Being amongst thousands of fellow Arsenal fans protesting outside the Emirates was incredible. It seemed like everyone who had turned out felt duty-bound to do so. We gave a heartfelt, passionate response to the disgraceful actions of the club’s owners earlier on in the week and showed that we are prepared to fight for the soul of our football club. We took the opportunity to ensure our voices were heard and held our banner high outside the stadium, quoting our legendary no.7, David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle: “Remember who you are, and who you represent.”

Following on from this, Arsenal apologised in an open letter as they stated, “We made a mistake...” after withdrawing from the competition, after hearing what the fans and others in the football community had to say.