With the London Mayoral elections coming on the 6th of May most of the attention has been put on the two front runners. Currently it is a battle between the Conservative's Shaun Bailey and the current London Mayor Sadiq Khan (from the Labour Party). However there are a large number of candidates who haven't had the time in front of the media or who haven't had a chance to campaign as much as the front 2 runners.


Luisa Porritt - Lib Dem (predicted 8% of votes)

Luisa Porritt is the Liberal Democrat's candidate for London Mayor. This Party is predicted to have most of its votes from the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (one of the Lib Dem's only stronghold in the country). She is the youngest candidate from the main parties and her Mantra is jobs(more available apprenticeships), homes (creating more affordable housing) and clean air.


Niko Omilana - Independent (predicted 5% of the vote)

Niko Omilana is the youngest candidate in the Mayoral elections who currently woks as a Youtuber (with 3.5 million subscribers). His current manifesto contains a plan to create a second London Eye and call both the London Eyes, tell Boris Johnson to 'Shush!' and to have a day where all power is turned of and call it 'Londoff'. He is predicted to get a large number of votes from the youngest of voters.


Brian Rose - Independent (predicted 2% of the vote)

Brian Rose is a former Wall Street banker who moved to the UK in 2002 and is the founder of London Real, a podcast with 2,000,000 subscribers. His pitch includes: building 50,000 houses by Christmas, turn on street parking to green spaces and to celebrate the end of lockdown with street festivals.


There are also many other candidates such as Count Binface and Farah London that are also running for mayor. However, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to fight the front 2 runners. But you never know.