Talking to my British Chinese classmate Mackenzie, I wanted to get his perspective on this matter.

I think that these attacks arouse anger and disbelief more so instead of fear. I do feel safe in the UK , living in quite a diverse multicultural area has led to much less discrimination if I instead were to live in the US. But what I deem as quite unfathomable is the justification in these actions. There are over a billion people living in China let alone living outside the US , you cannot blame 20% of the world for something that is occurring globally. Despite the safety I feel I am concerned about the events unfolding in the US and I experience discomfort knowing that I could possibly be the subject of such violence.

In February 2020 alone, 64 incidents on the topic of Asian hate crime have occurred with even NHS staff of Asian descent falling victim to such verbal abuse from patients. Following this in May 2020 it was recorded that Anti Asian hate crimes were up by 21%. Though 2021 has been a less ‘quiet’ year for news regarding this, it does not distract the fact that such abhorrent behaviour has taken place without much attention or even police intervention.

Like so many people around the world, including myself, this has really put things into perspective on the injustices that can occur if not brought attention to. Let alone the safety of those around us on learning of such news. Though we may be soon returning to normality, it does not distract from the fact that racially motivated crimes have occurred nonetheless. Please be kind to one another in what is such a turbulent time of our lives, and if you are subject to this kind of violence wherever you are ; please contact police and bring attention to this unjustness- we are all responsible for our actions be it big or small in providing safety for us all.