Disney’s one of the most loved things in society, with timeless stories that grow with the people that watch them. However, with the most recent turn in Disney content, it’s safe to say that the quality of these have decreased.

I remember going to the cinema for my tenth birthday to see Maleficent. It was a surprise my parents were treating me to, and I was really looking forward to it. It’s only when I came out two hours later that I felt rather disappointed. While there were some interesting concepts for one of the strongest Disney villains of all time that shaped her into who she was, the way they were executed ruined all the Disney magic.

Many live action movies have been created in the last decade, and not all of them are bad. Alice In Wonderland is a thrilling example of how the magic of Disney stayed strong through the live action, rendering the viewers stuck in Wonderland for longer even after the movie ended. Another is Aladdin, good enough to remind you favourably of the original movie and full of comedy to make a viewer smile.

However, most of the Disney remakes and live actions lack the elements of what made the original a classic, seeming more like a chore rather than movies that should have been enjoyed.

“They have a different feel to it despite the story being the same. They’re not as enjoyable as the animated ones were as the animations had a certain innocence which has been lost through the translation into a live action movie,” a mother of five claimed. “Live actions are nice to watch as their own movies, but compared to the animations, the classics still reign supreme. However, I can understand how the new movies would be more appreciated by the current generation in comparison to the classics.”

This has led to the question of what Disney’s new approach will be doing for their next movies. So far, it seems like regurgitating old plotlines has been a recurring theme for them rather than creating new stories, dragging out subplots and rebooting perfectly good classics rather than imagining new and improved plotlines, like the rare creativity shown through movies like Coco and Big Hero Six.

What comes next in Disney is a mystery to us, but let’s just hope it’s better than what they’ve been dishing out these last few years.