As this will be my final article I thought I would make this one slightly more personal. I will be diving into the reasons why I chose to participate in the young reporters program.

 As many of you will be aware,  during recent COVID times the job hunt for many students has been nearly impossible and many have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.  I am still young enough not to be affected by this yet but I imagine it will take some time for things to return as they were. I dream of becoming a writer and publishing my own books in the future; I also dream of attending university one day, however I am very aware of how difficult and unattainable these goals are. My fall-back plan for my career has always been journalism. I love it and it is an excellent gateway into a writing career. Unfortunately for me I am not the only one with this plan. There are hundreds of people with the same plans as me for their future.

In a job interview key things that make you more noticed are your grades, experience and any references from previous jobs. Now with this program I can be above the rest of the competition. This program has taught how to work with a deadline, accept and learn to appreciate and use criticism for improvement and can now confidently say that I have dabbled in different types of journalism. Not only does this give me experience it gives me invaluable knowledge of the industry and can really help me make my way to my dreams and goals.

I have been writing for you all for the last eight months so i thought it was high time I introduced myself properly. As you can see from the title of this article my name is Elpitha Georgiou. I love everything to do with reading and writing, I adore musicals and comic books and I have a passion for music! I can ride a bike, skateboard and just generally nerding out about my favourite things.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the scheme for giving so many of us the chance to build up experience, discover our styles and help set us into a lifetime of writing!