The WI (Women’s Institute) is an organisation that aims to inspire women. They are taught through experience, skills and important knowledge that is passed down generationally to reflect the state of society and the world. As a woman or a young girl, the WI is whatever you may want it to be, it is subjective as to what you define it to be for you. It could be a chance to catch up and meet with other like-minded women, to learn valuable life skills, to make change in your local area or even something as simple as feeling as if you’re in a community and that you’re not alone. The WI is all about equality, diversity and inclusion that allows woman to learn the necessary skills to express themselves in their own unique ways.

Due to my role as a local reporter, I feel it is my role to promote the WI on a local level, that welcomes woman who have different ambitions or are in different states of their lives. The WI is structured on a regional, national and local level, but I will be focusing on the local level. Joining the local WI means you are part of the organisation which gives you lots of benefits, some include:


-Self-development activities

-Both virtual and physical meetings that allows you to contribute your own ideas for speakers, activities and events

There are many more privileges you will have, to find out more of them visit: Member benefits | National Federation of Women's Institutes (

The WI meetings are monthly and give you opportunities to meet in person, try new activities or campaign on issues that matter to you. The WI holds at least 11 meetings a year, each with a different topic, members will often partake in activities or hear from another speaker. These activities range from cooking, arts and crafts, quizzes, campaigning efforts and speakers may include authors, activists or inspirational members from the community. Refreshments breaks are scheduled to allow you to socialise with friends and fun competitions or raffles are even held to raise funds.

Carol Ann Gartrell, the Surrey Federation Chairman has this to say:

"To many of the Surrey WI members, belonging to a WI gives them the opportunity to find friendship with a sense of togetherness and belonging. Monthly meetings can be lively and chatty with lots of fun and laughter. Some give you an opportunity to be creative and learn more skills, while at others you will learn about something new."

To find out more about the WI, I recommend visiting their website: National Federation of Women's Institutes | National Federation of Women's Institutes (  or any of their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Pages. You can query and ask any further questions by email as well:

To become a member, click onBecome a member | National Federation of Women's Institutes (  and type in your postcode. There are local organised groups everywhere, in Surrey, South East London etc.

I hugely recommend you join this organization and become a community that helps at making the world a better place.