Interstellar tells the fascinating story of a man travelling into space to find a potentially habitable planet. He must leave behind his family and his home and venture into space with a small team of NASA researchers, transporting themselves through a wormhole into an entirely foreign galaxy. The brilliant performance of Matthew McConoughey as Joseph Connor demonstrated the wonder, excitement and anxiety surrounding this mission and the hardships they face along the way. The movie was an exhilarating experience, these were some of the most fascinating moments along the way: 


After venturing through the wormhole and entering another galaxy, Cooper and his team of NASA researchers depart from their main station and landed upon a foreign planet. The planet poses as uninhabitable, meaning the team have to make a swift departure. However, when they re-join the main station, out of the planet's atmosphere, one member of their team arrives looking far older. It so happens that despite only spending a few hours of the planet, over 20 years had passed. The concept of time being so distorted was fascinating - that this team member was alone on the main station for over 20 years while the others only experienced the passing of 3 or so hours. When Cooper returns to the main station, he emotionally watches the videos his son has sent him over the last 20 years - experiencing his son growing up, finding love and having a child through a matter of videos. This was aweing to watch and experience, as a parent, he had to watch his son grow up and experience life-changing moments in a matter of minutes on a virtual screen - all because of the distorted time difference on the planet.


Another incredible moment in the movie, was when Cooper got sucked into a black hole and ejected himself from his air craft. He was alone and confused, in a completely foreign dimension of space. This is where the incredible screenwriting and directing of Interstellar was put to the test. As little is known about what black holes entail, it was up to crew of Interstellar to create what could possibly happen inside it. Cooper found himself in the black hole within an endless maze, crafted with hundreds of copies of his daughter's bedroom. It's here where we realize that his daughter, despite now being all grown up, was the key to solving the equation of gravity that would allow humans to live on another planet. Through the distortions of time, Cooper is able to connect with his young daughter through the forces of time, gravity and most of all love. It takes a while to wrap your head around but when you understand the concept of the scene, it is exhilarating following Cooper as he comes to realize his daughter is the key to the mission. Manish Sinha, after watching Interstellar, stated 'the movie was fascinating and demonstrated that love is truly timeless'.


It is hard to do this movie justice in so little words. Interstellar is a fascinating movie that brilliantly displays the importance of love and it being the only abstract form that can move throughout space regardless of time difference and distance. The amazing performance of Matthew McConaughey as Cooper and the infamously creative directing of Christopher Nolan makes this movie a must-watch!