votes at 16’ have been introduced in Scotland and Wales, for parliament and local elections, however, this is not the case for young people living in England or Northern Ireland. 

It l stands as a conundrum in society, whether young people should be given the vote at the beginning of their transition to adulthood life (16), or when they are legally recognized by law to be an adult (18). 

It is argued that at 16  you attain adult responsibilities.

The first being the eligibility for income tax and National Insurance on earnings above the threshold. A clear example of taxation without representation. At 16 you are also able to marry, join the armed forces, and have sex. Thus if the government deems 16-year old's, old enough to become a parent and to contribute to the treasury and economy of their own country should they not have a say in how their country is lead, and on policies that greatly affect their lives? 

Furthermore, it may also be argued that Parliament is unrepresentative in their political ideologies.

. This because they do not correspond to the current generation of young people, and affairs that directly impact their life. For example, global climate change that is neglected as a result of young peoples (lack of incorporation in societal affairs, and representation displayed in the average age of a politician -50. 

However, on the contrary one of the most frequent arguments against, state that 16-17-year old's may not have the education information, or maturity in order to vote responsibly. 

Similarly, how can we judge whether a vote is being used responsibly? In addition, if 16-17-year-old were given the vote, you would expect to see an increase in political awareness. Whilst current affairs are already a topic that is encouraged in schools across the UK, with the youth parliament already existing, where debates take place, but this could be interpreted as a counterpoint for their voices not being heard. 

With regards to the first point if the franchise was extended to 16 years old's there would be a level of inconsistency with how 16 year old's are treated, depending on whether one’s personal view is that 16 is not the age of adulthood maturity.  Thus, removing age restrictions on being deployed into battle, purchasing age-restricted items ( alcohol, knives cigarettes ) etc.. 

So, if the voting age stays at 18, increasing the age at which income tax is introduced and other rights are permitted, should go hand in hand.