An announcement must be made . Across the globe, humans did, in fact, unite in a single commonplace which we all know as the internet. While we all bask in our individuality, priding ourselves off how we refuse to succumb to the norms of society, lockdown has, in reality, dragged us all to the mercy of uniformity. Unfortunately, we are not quite as mercurial as we hoped to be and the internet, as always, does not hold back when throwing light, or rather shade, on this.


Even the physical desires to escape the companionship which is inherent with city life merely leads people back to the same starting point. Cornwall over took London in the most sought-after place to move to in the past year. Maria Ivanova, resident of London, stated the “prospect of moving was particularly appealing during lockdown”.  Well Maria, you are not alone, as five million fellow introverts searched, in February alone, for properties in Cornwall. I suppose this was a last minute resort for the, minority, of people to preserve those final, fleeting moments of lockdown. Frankly, in comparison to London, anything resonates placidity. Returning to the poignant atmosphere of the tube? No thank you! Meanwhile, Joe Biden rolled in as the most searched person of 2020. Though as he settles into his role as President Biden, a stumble from this position is anticipated. As President of the United States of America, I suspect this will not shake him too hard. On a slightly (to say the least) different note, the most googled definition was that of Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion’s “WAP”. I would prefer to not explore the meaning of this title and leave this up to either your own interpretation, or, if you must, to the internet. 


Gosh, Google must be so tired of us! Withering with boredom this past year, the Internet seems our favourite thing to have a conversation with. As always, I look forward to seeing the most searched thing of 2021. My bets are on: “How to sneak out of the UK for summer holiday”.