This is neither comprehensive list, nor a list in huge detail.


And here’s the list, ranked in order of how much it affects me and how much I care:


5. Other countries.

This is simple and universal for most right now; during this pandemic, many restrictions have been made to travel and while affecting me, I don’t mind the lack travel. London has been lovely with the weather, even getting snow last month, and I feel traveling is so much effort anyway, so this is lowest on the list.


4. Parties.

This makes sense for the same reasons as the first. COVID-19 19 has restricted many young-adults abilities to go to large gathering to party and have fun. This was devastating to many people as well as many extroverted individuals; but being rather introverted myself, only going to the occasional party, I don’t find this too upsetting. To protect the masses from the spread it is definitely better to forgo parties to stop the spread.


3. School.

While being changed in the next month, this is yet again owing to the virus. The main problem which has arisen from online school is the lack of connection many feel they get through a screen. The way teachers have to engage and adapt their teaching tyles to suit the times affects the way students pick up and retain information; many teachers got this correct while some prefer to stick to their guns, much to the dismay and dissatisfaction of the students. Another point is the moving back into school that we are doing in the next two weeks. This in my opinion is irresponsible and to optimistic of the government. The rate of which people are being infected may be down for now, but by bringing back thousands upon thousands of students back to school all at once, we risk the rate shooting back up until the government decides to pull us out od schools again. They can’t expect to bring us back and the amount of face-to-face contact to go up, without the infection rate climbing higher again.


2. Friend’s houses.

A huge part of the lockdown is the way it isolates and separates many people from much needed social interaction. Seeing and interacting with friends and family is what keeps many people happy sharing moments of difficulty is the how many people cope with huge events, not just in our time. Mental health is hugely important and the lack of connection many face can be soul crushing. The day we can move freely to our friends’ houses to be face-to-face again will be a wonderful time, but we must stick to the regulations or risk the isolation being extended further.


1. Brunei and 71 other countries.

And finally we arrive at Brunei. 10 – 20% of the population of the world (many estimates and surveys have been carried out but most fall within these numbers) identify as somewhere within the LGBTQ+ community. This huge group of people, including myself, are prosecuted and in 72 countries, 13 of which include, Brunei, Yemen, Iran and Sudan, the death penalty is used as a punishment for same sex attraction and those who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming. These laws serve only to punish people based on how they choose to be or who they choose to love; Brunei had recently changed their laws to allow for the stoning of LGBTQ+ people but after huge backlash says the punishment will not be used.

 I think in this day and age, for me to be bi, and travel to one of these 72 countries, just to be at risk of imprisonment or death, is absurd. With the basic human rights of so many people being more and more recognised, with gay marriage being legalised in more countries and archaic bans being lifted, there is hope for a more understanding world; this won’t change quickly though if many countries decide to stay with their imprisonment and death sentences over acceptance, even through religion, to allow those who want to love who they want, to be free from criminal punishment.