As the end of the current lockdown is in sight, some of the hobbies we have developed are now embedded into our daily routine both good and bad. Some of us may feel that we have not been as productive or ambitious than others have been and through looking at many flaunt the new tricks and traits that they have developed, we all feel like we could have used this time more wisely. However, it is never too late to start a brand-new hobby and I have spoken to multiple people who have started the more beneficial hobbies on how to begin and make the most of the time we have!

An avid gardener, Kamalini Suthan, was asked how she began gardening and how beginners could best flourish in this trait. She said, “The main tip I would give new gardeners is patience is key, at the start you will identify new hurdles such as pests or rodents in your back garden but don’t lose hope – these all can be restored! Also try to start small and chose a couple of plants to start with then once you are comfortable add more to your collection. Make sure to check in which seasons your chosen plants will flourish to get the best possible results and good luck!”

Mathusha Suthan, a secondary school student, grew to love the hobby of knitting. She said, “Your first attempt will never be perfect, so don’t aim for perfection just do your best. After the technique and stitches are mastered then you can go on and challenge yourself to try different things like scarves and jumpers. At many points knitting can seem difficult and hard to get the hang of, but after a few weeks of trying you will be a professional in no time!”

I, myself, have the lifetime hobby of being a singer. Singing is mistaken to be a talent but I can guarantee with hard work and dedication even the hardest of talents can be taught. Key tips I would give is to choose songs to sing that sit the most comfortably in your range and try to perfect small techniques like sustaining notes and melodic sequences and then move on to riffs, runs and vibrato. Just remember, no artist that you see headlining started off by knowing all of these techniques so don’t assume you have to have these techniques down from the get go.

From gardening, to knitting, to singing – these are a couple of beneficial hobbies of the thousands and thousands of hobbies that lie at our doorsteps. So, the next time you find yourself scrolling through TikTok and find yourself watching a singing clip remember that that could be you with a little bit of time.