Recently the Prime Minister has announced the plan on easing lockdown and eventually getting back to normal, starting with schools returning on 8th March. 

Although some may wish the process of relieving lockdown was swifter and easier, many are happy that there is a clear plan in sight where we will be able to start socialising and being with our friends and family again that some of us haven’t seen since 2019. 

As a school student, while online learning has become easier and more structured over the lockdowns, it still is nowhere near as beneficial as being in school and being able to properly communicate to both teachers and friends. At home, you may be able to wake up later for school but I would rather be at school with slightly less sleep if it means I don’t have to worry about falling massively behind on work or when my teachers will respond to any questions I have. 

Working from home is without a doubt a struggle to most people, not just students and I’m sure teachers find it just as stressful and challenging trying to teach as we find it to learn. Teachers are trying their best to make zoom lessons interactive with students but most are met with black screens and no one wanting to be the first to talk. 

Lockdown for one reason or another has been hard on us all and just being able to get together with other people outside of our household will be a much needed breath of fresh air. I am quite fortunate to have my own space at home with my own computer and my own place to learn in peace but many people don’t have such privileges and this is the reason why schools going back needs to be such a priority and needs to happen sooner rather than later. 

Many people have felt lonely and isolated during this pandemic and these several lockdowns have most definitely impacted people’s mental health. In lockdown, mental health has taken a hit through the lack of communication with friends and family outside of your own household. It is important for people to stay in contact with others and keep talking to try and stay connected to the world and others. Many people during lockdown have most likely had to deal with anxiety or stress from people directly affected by the coronavirus or having to work from home or many other reasons. Being able to just see the ones we love or chat to them outside again will greatly lift a weight off our shoulders and really help to see the light at the end of this tunnel. 

I for one can’t wait to be back at school with my friends and be able to properly learn in a classroom where I can simply ask questions and have the answer then and there. Even with the face masks and the frequent testing, I would prefer to be in school and for many who have chosen practical GCSEs, it is important they do get back to school so they can continue with their work that otherwise is impossible to complete. 

Yes, although the process of easing out of lockdown is long and the dates are not fixed as it is being based on data, the more people try to stick to these guidelines and do their part to protect others and keep covid cases low, the more chance we have of getting back to normal sooner.