Drill music or ‘’ Drill rap’’ is an extremely aggressive form of rap music in which artists usually sing about violent lifestyles, which is popular in England and America. It is still on streaming services, despite several incidents incited by drill music. But should it be taken off services like Spotify and Apple Music for good?

It is an interesting topic to think about. Drill rap was originally formed as just another subsidiary of rap music. But since it was formed, it has caused violent incidents in England and America, where it is most popular thanks to artists like Headie One, 22Gz and Unknown T. Drill rappers tend to have violent backstories. Headie One himself has been arrested several times for possesion of drugs and carrying knives. In America, most drill rappers don’t live that long. King Von is an American rapper who made the news last year when he was killed at the age of 26. 26. Way too young. Another American drill artist, LA Capone only lived until 17.  

The lyrics in these songs can be very belligerent. 

‘’They say I'm moving ruthless, and my shooters, they shooting’’


That’s a lyric from Brooklyn drill rapper CJ’s song ‘’ Whoopty’’ which has been gaining popularity fast since it’s release last summer. 

‘’If I'm on the island, I'm snatchin' the cell

Brody got locked, denied his bail

Until he free, I'm raisin' hell’’

And that’s a lyric from Dior, the popular drill song by Pop Smoke


So America has very violent drill songs that seem to be all about guns, death and incarceration. Back in England, the rising surge of popularity of these drill artists such as Headie One don’t help matters. The Met Police says that drill songs cause a rise in violent crime and they have even had to resort to taking a drill group’s music off YouTube. A rising 17 year old rapper called M-Trap [ real name Junior Simpson] was convicted with his friends of killing a 15 year old boy, Jermaine Goupell in another violent stabbing. London has a very high knife crime rate and it is just made worse by all the drill music. If anything, the lyrics are the main source of trouble. M-Trap made songs boasting about murdering people. He’s behind bars now and can’t commit anymore barbaric acts, however it is a disgrace that the songs are still on streaming services. Jermaine’s father talked about his son in a statement after the death:

“YouTube have blood on their hands. He would still be here if it wasn’t for these silly videos. Social media are allowing the ­glamourisation of knife crime – and making profit from it.’’

I personally think drill music should be taken off YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music- Any songs by artists such as Headie One should be removed. They glorify violence and promote a bad message for today’s youth. General rap artists such as Drake and Hardy Caprio should be allowed to be on streaming services, because they don’t have such violent lyrics. But drill artists, who sing repeatedly about violence and death don’t deserve to be on these services.


What do you think? Should drill music be taken off streaming services for good?