eryone has been affected by online schooling however studies show the youngest children aged between 5 and 7 have actually been affected the worst. At this age many young children are just learning how to read and write. Without the face to face teaching from school many young children have been left struggling with simple tasks such as reading and writing. Thousands of parents have struggled through these lockdowns to teach their children as well as fit that around their job at home. This has been a huge struggle for thousands of families and have left many young children falling dramatically behind.


Although parents try their best to teach their children it is not the same as having a trained professional to do this job. Online worksheets, tutorials and in some case, lessons aid parents with this task but easily distracted young children struggle to concentrate and remain focused. Parents have had a huge struggle to keep their children’s focus on the task and to generally teach them the important basics they need to know for their everyday lives. This age is crucial for young children to learn the important tasks they will need in their future lives and without the face to face support from teachers this may result in even more children falling behind.


The huge struggle of fitting online school around working at home is huge for thousands of families around the UK. Parents are left with the hard multi-task job of teaching their children as well as trying to fit their job around this. Single parent or poorer families have particularly found this extremely difficult. Without the help from two parents one parent having to juggle this enormous task is extremely hard and has left many single parents stressed, exhausted and mentally unwell. These parents haveing to stay well for their children despite the huge pressure they are under increases stress aming many parenrs. In addition, poorer families struggle with the lack of technology available to them. Poorer families often only have one device possibly to share between 3 or 4 kids. This has left many children falling behind as a result of the lack of devices available to them. This has left many parents stressed and anxious and resulted in more children falling behind particularly those from poorer backgrounds. Organisations and schools offering out technology to poorer families is a huge lifeline for these families and takes of the pressure enormously. This helps young children to keep up with their education and be provided with the technology needed in order to do this successfully.