The vaccine rollout is looking extremely hopeful, now in the UK more than 15 million people have had a first dose of their vaccine. This leads the UK to be world-leading in the vaccine rollouts, only being behind Israel, the Seychelles, and the United Arab Emirates.

Whilst the role outs are looking increasingly successful, it has to be noted London is not looking as hopeful, with Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said to be “hugely concerned” that the capital has one of the lowest covid vaccination rates in the UK.

I would like to find out however, from first hand experience what the reality of getting the vaccine is like. An interview with Nicola Elmore, an NHS worker from East London tells me her reaction when told she is getting the vaccine: “I was extremely surprised, and pleased. I didn’t expect to get one so soon.” Nicola describes the details of the experience in the hospital: “The rollout was in Goodmayes hospital, there was a lot of checking about who you were. They wouldn’t let you in if you couldn’t prove your identity.”

When asked about the emotions going through her head, Nicola responded: “When I had the injection I did feel a little bit scared, because this is something that is very new, as well as being pleased about it.”

“Did the injection hurt?”

“It didn’t hurt at all.”

“What about any side effects?” I asked.

“I didn’t expect any because people hadn’t said anything about side effects. But all the next day I did feel a bit poorly.” “A colleague of mine had been ill though and had to take a day off.”

“What were your thoughts after the vaccination?”

“I definitely feel privileged to have had it, but also I’m aware that I still have to be careful.” “I hope the vaccine will last long enough, especially with perhaps a new variant.”


“And lastly, what would your response be to anti-vaxxers?”

“Why are they so frightened of it? I think people should take it, to have slight flu symptoms is nothing compared to having a harsh case of covid.”

“But I think there should be more going on from the government to reverse the misinformation of the vaccine on social media.”