For years now, the Kardashians have accumulated a loyal fan base of over 550 million people. However, in recent months, people have been flocking to the Whitehouse twitter feed for their daily dose of ‘da giggles’; seemingly deeming it to be the superior source of entertainment. So, what possibly is provoking such a reaction, you ask? 


Donald Trump’s outrageous Twitter posts were becoming an almost quotidian occurrence- with them becoming more and more controversial by the day. Top stories that intrigued the nation included: conspiracies about some of Biden’s votes coming from the stolen identities of dead people; others include Trump declaring himself a superhero in an all too public manner. 


However, the most salient were the more contentious ones, posted closer to his widely anticipated ban from twitter. He tweeted in response to the Black Lives Matter protests “These THUGS are dishonouring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen.” The Former President then feigned nonchalance by stating “Any difficulty and we will assume control, but when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” How scandalous! The blatant glorification of violence. Fighting fire with fire. It is ironic: this whole claim that he can “assume control”. Frankly, it is a laughable concept. Control has not been assumed in America since Barack Obama served as president. It is as clear as day that Donald J. Trump is making a fool out of himself, yet again.


Now, unsurprisingly, that is not all that has been going on in the Whitehouse. Rumour has it that Biden going into office will serve to undo most of Trump’s immigration policies made since 2017- 2021.  BBC News says- ‘In his first 100 days in office, Mr Biden promises to reverse Trump policies.’ One can almost imagine the rage Trump would have felt. Four years of hard work undone under his own nose.  It must have been so hard for him. Does it not bring a tear to the eye? Now whether that tear be out of joy or out of sadness will be dictated by none but you. After one hundred days of Biden’s presidency, Donald Trump will become one very vivid bad dream the United States once had. One day, the world will struggle for recollection of him, the way we humans struggle to remember the feeling of pain. He will fade into the background, and nobody will ever have to deal with his tongue-in-cheek tweets or cliché press conferences again. 


Alas, we finally come to the much-awaited pinnacle- the storming of the Capitol building. Well then perhaps it should be known as more of a denouement, for want of a better word. This occurrence can perhaps be alluded to as the very middle of the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ show, where the climax is introduced and the drama crests. Tens of thousands of Trump supporters trooping in outraged protestation to the Capitol building in the ultimate act of petty revenge. Imagine how complacent Trump must be feeling now! Nonetheless, with every crest comes a trough- and the trough of the wave Donald Trump created seems too large to be suppressed. To begin with, the FBI opened over 400 subject case files, 500 grand jury subpoenas and search warrants. At least 195 arrests were made. Not to mention the fact that dozens of people present at the riot were later found to be listed in the FBI's Terrorist Screening Database, most as suspected white supremacists (Wikipedia) and lastly, and most seriously, that many participants gave not a care to social distancing rules and other health and safety regulations. These sort of events are crippling our society to its wits end. The damage it has created is unequivocally irrevocable. How does Joe Biden aim to combat Trump’s ambush? The tension is unbearable.


This vacillating pillar-to-post variation has sent the whole of America into a tizz. One can only be grateful that we in the UK can spectate the fanatical antics from a distance. A fair warning has been issued to Kim, Kendall and Khloé. A new reality star has entered the scene- tan, glossy hair and all: ladies and gentlemen, he goes by the name of Donald J. Trump.


By: Ruth Lemma- (Dartford Grammar School for girls).