The cheapest MacBook Air currently retails at £999 from apple. The delivery takes two weeks.

This has been a recent discovery for users with older MacBooks from 2013-14 which, after installing the new update, no longer work. 

 The update, labelled “Big Sur” has wrecked the hard drive of people’s laptops, leaving them unable to use them during a pandemic when many rely on them to work from home. If they cannot work, it is difficult for them to afford a new one and thus, it is greatly harming people who rely on a steady income from work online. Children are unable to do online school, groceries cannot be ordered online. 

 People with autoimmune diseases or others with severe risks may now be forced to leave the house in order to get food. 

 How could apple not know that the update seemingly pushed by them would break peoples’  devices? Did they not do proper research? It’s quite scandalous that apple would allow an update to be released to users without doing thorough tests on it.

 Or perhaps, there is a darker side to this issue. Could apple have purposefully let this happen in order to force people to buy the newer, more expensive technology? Planned obsolescence has been lurking in society for a while when companies’ products, namely technology companies, being to fail at the time when they release a newer product. 

 Is apple forcing people to spend £999+ by destroying their perfectly reliable computers? The update seems to be “bricking” many people’s laptops and leaving them as useless as..well, a brick!

 Apple user Siân was shocked to learn, only this morning, that her computer was now useless and the update and broken it. In an interview with me, she said “I’ve lost all my current work in progress and I’ve spent the entire day looking for solutions, unable to complete urgent tasks because data protocols mean I cannot use my work computer. Everything has ground to a halt.”

Siân is not the only victim for this, an internet user who goes by the alias “BigSurBoy” posted a comment on apple discussions saying the “big sur update keep failed” and going on to elaborate that the storage system had been a problem.

 A quick google search will tell you that the update is taking up a lot of people’s storage and, according to the update is affecting the apple news app, “reportedly causing extremely large background downloads” for users.

 When will apple get their act together?