Prepare yourself for strong melodies and a hard edged rock sound accompanied by an eclectic blend of funk, soul and psychedelica, when listening to the up and coming, Putney based band ‘Red Town’. 

The 5 piece group, fronted by Jodie Green with her fervent and soulful tones, released their debut album ‘Left to Our Vices’ under a month ago, on many of the most popular music streaming services, including the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, where they describe their sound as something ‘that can’t be easily slotted into one category.’ This couldn’t sum up the defining characteristics of Red Town’s music more perfectly. Their style is indubitably unique, with a Rock ‘n’ Roll base, underpinned by undertones of funk, soul and even jazz and flavoured by inspiration from bands like Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys. 

Consisting of four songs, including Morris John’s lyrically profound and perceptive ‘1000 Yard Stare’, the new album allows its listeners to sincerely resonate with the band’s emotions, as well as dance along to their groovy guitar and bass lines. It is a heartfelt but abstract nod to many aspects of life, but most notably life in London, as reaffirmed in the tuneful and melodic ‘Northern Star’. 

Before Lockdown, the band spent time in recording studios blending their sounds and having bursts of inspiration which are reflected in their newest album. The album features about every sound possible, the potent vocals of Jodie Green, the keys, bass and synthesisers of Morris John, the guitars of Graham French and Piers Hogg and the drums of Sorie Jalloh, creating their own uniquely formidable sound. The five sometimes even grows to seven, often featuring saxophone players, for recordings and gigs. 

Judging from ‘Left to Our Vices’, Red Town have made a promising leap into the musical world, giving us exciting melodies, bass lines like no other and, overall, a powerful take on countless genres. Keep a look out for more from this incredible band! 

Be sure to give ‘Left to Our Vices’ a listen: