On the sixth of January, pro-trump protestors descended upon the Capitol, most of which had travelled to Washington to hear Donald Trump use fiery rhetoric, some of which may be seen as insiteful for the riots to come. 

In my opinion, Donald Trump's actions aren't those of someone unwittingly sparking the illegal riots in the White House. They have been conducted to increase his power, which as of this moment is fading with the upcoming inauguration and increasing cases of dissonance in the Party. Donald Trump, in his speech, maybe didn't intend the actual crimes that were commited by some of those at the speech, but definitely intended to wage a political war within his party, for example against his vice president Mike Pence, making this ploy hoping that his most core supporters and his close political allies would help him retake control of his party, fearing that if he waited until the inauguration he would lose momentum and a shot at regaining the power. This would also explain his seeming unwillingness to condemn or call off the supporters wreaking havoc on the White House. During these protests, Trump had to walk a very delicate line between being seen by the most vehement pro-Trump supporters (who were the main demographic at the rally) as leading them on and then cutting support, leaving them out in the cold. On the other side, if he was overly reluctant to condemn or intervene in the riots that symbolically raid the cradle of the supposedly strongest democracy (that he has sworn to protect), the fallout from the Democrats and moderate Republicans could be enough to leave him with only the support of a fringe movement, impeached from the presidency in disgrace. This scenario has seemingly transpired, with his controversial banning from social media, his main platform for organisation (and some might say indoctrination). The events of the attempt at impeaching the President may succeed, and even if they fail, short of a civil war he will soon be an ex-President, much more susceptible to the whims of the party. For Donald Trump, the future seems bleak.