It was Christmas Day as I tore apart the shiny red wrapping paper to reveal the much-heralded Velvetiser. As a devout hot chocolate-lover, this was the best present to receive. 

Just when I thought I didn’t need another gadget, the Veletiser appeared, basking in the  glory of the deliciousness it creates. The Velvetiser is the superlative hot chocolate maker, ‘imagined by Hotel Chocolat, engineered by Dualit’, priced at a whopping £99.95 for just a milk frother - oh, but that’s where you’re wrong - this precious commodity fulfills every requirement for the perfect hot chocolate. 

The package comes as a kit including ten different flavoured sachets of Hotel Chocolat chocolate flakes, two ceramic Podcups worth £20 and finally, the finely-tuned machine itself. The Velvetiser comes in three different trendy colourways: copper, white and charcoal, each a chic addition to the kitchen counter. In just two and a half minutes, the Velvetiser heats, stirs, whips the smoothest, creamiest and richest ‘barista-grade’ hot chocolate. Henrietta Conrad, owner of a Velvertiser says, ‘I love the way it looks and it makes a flawless hot chocolate’. Conrad is not alone in her love for the Velvetiser; it scored a near-perfect rating on Amazon at 4.8 out of five and 87 percent of their customers rate this gadget five stars.  

The Velvetiser is a very pricey product, and out of budget for many. Although nothing beats the ultimate hot chocolate created by the Velvetiser, there are many cheaper alternatives. For almost a tenth of the price, you can buy a handheld milk frother from Amazon, which comes in five different colours, froths milk within minutes and mixes it with all kinds of beverage powders - but don’t forget you’ll have to heat the milk first.

This product no doubt makes the best homemade hot chocolate on the market, but its price is slightly eye-watering. 

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Milk Frother Handheld with Stand (Amazon):