As a result of the pandemic and the precautions needing to be taken everywhere, school events and particularly extracurriculars have suffered. Many had to find ways to operate remotely and attempt to have a good time whilst adjusting to the unfamiliar circumstances. HBS’ Creative Writing club faced the difficult task of virtually coming together and sharing writing, but from the combined efforts of Ana Ferreira, club leader and school librarian, and the keen writers, the e-book ‘Shattered’ was born.  

The product of a chain story-writing activity, ‘Shattered’ tells the story of visions from nightmares and ‘Annalise,’ a girl who must find the strength within herself to be free of the dark shadow that torments. Whilst the book could provide readers with the somewhat uplifting idea that everyone has an inner strength and can defeat their demons, the chilling message at the end leaves the reader with an eerie, uncomfortable feeling. Although at times the story may get lost, ‘Shattered’ keeps the reader in suspense from cover to cover, urging them to turn the page to discover more.    

When asked about how the book was compiled, Ms Ferreira described the process that allowed all members of the club to showcase their own talents. ‘We played a sort of game: they were secretly given a number and two words; with these ingredients in hand, their task consisted in adding a follow-up to the story writing,’ she wrote in the preface. When collated, they formed the book which is now available online.  

This innovative take on story writing, has been just one of the creative approaches to dealing with the challenges posed to extracurricular clubs by the pandemic, and has produced a piece of work that the writers are truly proud to share.  

Article written by Aashi Shah