Just before the lockdown, Kew Gardens held a magnificent spectacle in their annual Christmas light show, for which tickets were desperately sought for as they rapidly sold out very early on. 

Usually ‘Christmas at Kew’ runs from early December to late January (4 December 2020- 24 January 2021) however due to the new recent government restrictions was cancelled on the 5th of January. Whilst the standard adult ticket off-peak is £19.50 and peak: £24.50.

Nevertheless, it did not disappoint this Christmas in creating a magical experience, as it’s after dark trail through the park was brightly lit, illuminating the royal botanical gardens, with a number of enchanting displays and luminous structures that one beheld in all their grandeur. In addition, special effects and music were paired to capture you in an awe-inspiring trance, whilst lifting your Christmas spirits! 

Some of the sights this year included a glittering tunnel of bells and a thousand fairy lights, giant majestic trees wrapped in light, the iconic Temperate House which was a beautiful spectrum of Christmas colours, and laser projections that filled the glasshouse. One spectator’s favorite was the dazzling treetop waterfall as it transported them into ' a world of fantasy, with exciting beams of light that danced all around you.'

So, whether you're looking for ideas for after lockdown, or wanting to get ahead this year, Kew Gardens is a great visit and a light show is a Christmas favorite, and a great experience for children too!