Walking through the streets and seeing Christmas lights and decorations is an annual delight for many – both in the city centre and local estates – particularly this year where Christmas festivities were notably less traditional. A walk around my local estate, like many others, was brightened by the shining houses decked out in festive décor.

One house in particular stood out from the rest; pedestrians stopping for photos, or cars slowing to take it all in was a common sight. The owner of the house, Dave Bees, kindly gave up some of his time to talk to me about it. I asked him how – and why – he chose to put up such an extravagant display. He told me he did it with his grandchildren, and it took about a week to put it together bit by bit. “We wanted to cheer people up during this particularly difficult Christmas season,” he explained. “It is actually the biggest we’ve ever done.”

When I asked what his favourite bit was, he responded: “People’s smiles as they walk past the house,” which certainly made me smile! He added that his favourite part of the display was the rainbow, a new addition in honour of healthcare workers and the NHS, and all the incredible work they have done this year.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing their display next year – and in fact all the others in my local area and around London! I, like many others, am grateful to every person who took some time out to put up lights and spread a little joy this festive season.