Currently we are in very stressful times; exams cancelled, online lessons and just a general lack of motivation in these times. I can not say I speak for everyone, but very recently it has been hard to see any positives what so ever. It has always been much easier to see all the negatives. I just wanted to talk today about how maybe I could reassure you things will get better and too just have a bit more of a positive outlook on things.


Recently online lessons started and a teacher asked me “how are you feeling”, it was funny because I could genuinely say like absolute **** but I’ve never been one to complain to others as I have always seen it as unnecessary and it will just put their mood down (not sure if anyone else is like that but I certainly do). Either way I just said “good”, made a bit of a joke and moved on with the lesson at hand. At the end of the lesson the teacher left a few messages that meant way more then they probably thought it ever was going to. The messages were “just know you are not the only one feeling this way” and “life is full of ups, downs and unexpected turns, this is just a down for some people” this really got me thinking.


I have always been an up and down person, depending on the day and the situations at hand.  Personally I can always be so worried about things that happen in my life that it can proceed to make me feel like I’m the only person who can feel that type of way. However the message that was said was reassuring. I find it rather relaxing knowing that there is 7.6 billion people on earth and 56 million in England – numbers too large to even process, and each and every person is living a life. The point I’m trying to make is that one person out there is feeling what your feeling. One person out there has most likely experienced exactly what you are and you are not alone. While the saying “everyone is unique” is so true, sometimes just knowing that other people out there will be able to relate is all it takes to feel reassured.


So my final message for this small article is just try to have a positive outlook. Things eventually will get better and as cringe as the saying is “if you have hit rock bottom, the only way is up is” may help you in these times. Just take one day at a time.